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Sinus lift

Sinus lifting is surgical procedure performed before the insertion of a dental implant. For the placement of a dental implant adequate quantity of quality jawbone is required. For those who have insufficient jawbone, sinus lift surgery is performed to add bone to the jaw. This enables the placement of a single or multiple implants. The procedure involves adding bone between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses.


Sinus Lift Surgery In Bangalore

The most difficult part of the oral cavity for the placement of dental implants is the upper jaw bone. At Ivory dental clinic, our expert team of dentists and dental surgeons conduct sinus lift surgery (Sinus Augmentation) with precision and accuracy and enables the insertion of dental implants in the upper jaw bone without any obscurity. There are several methods available for raising the sinus floor and to add bone to the location. At Ivory dental clinic, our dental surgeon follows unique treatment procedures for the addition and development of new bone with minimal invasive surgical protocol.

The sinus lift is a bone grafting method to raising the sinus floor for the placement of dental implants. Many factors can cause insufficient amount of jaw bone in the upper jaw and these can be due to previous surgery or due to periodontal disease conditions.

Sinus Lifts Procedure

  • The sinus lift surgery is performed by performing following steps:
  • The dentist initiates makes an incision in the upper jaw gum tissue near to the cheek.
  • The tissues are flapped back to expose the surface of the jawbone.
  • A slash is made in the jaw bone that acts as a trap door and is moved into the sinus cavity.
  • This elevates the sinus membrane lifts an elevated level
  • The space created is filled with bone grafting material.
  • A new space is formed for the insertion of dental implant
  • After filling the bone grafting material, the tissue flap is stitched back into position.

After the sinus lifting, the dental implant can be placed along the same procedure or as a separate procedure. The new bone added beneath the sinus membrane can be patients own bone taken from another location, frozen bone or synthetically derived grafting material. Th material used is chose after discussing with the patient.

At Ivory dental clinic, the sinus lifts procedure is performed at an affordable cost for the insertion of dental implants to replace missed tooth and improve the overall confidence level and rejuvenate the aesthetic appearance and smile. The dental implants mimic the function of an artificial root and hold in position the artificial teeth without any slipping and form a strong jaw base. We have highly qualified and trained dentists on the latest procedures, techniques, and dental products and stay ahead of their peers by keeping informed on the latest trends, products and technology. This benefits our customers to choose the best treatment options and experience unsurpassed treatment services from our dental clinic. To know more about sinus lift surgery( Sinus Augmentatio) and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : Dr.Shambhu H Shivanna & Dr. Chiranjeevi Reddy G