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ceramic braces in bangalore

Ceramic Braces ( Tooth Coloured Braces )

Ceramic braces are tooth colored braces that are very popular in use to straighten teeth.  They function similar to metal braces but do not appear with metal wires and braces. Ceramic tooth braces are crafted using non staining composite material and appear colorless and blend with the teeth color making them invisible.

Ceramic Braces In Bangalore

Unlike metal braces they are weaker and brittle and require small rubber bands or clips to hold them to the arch wire.

Tooth colored braces are fixed and non removable until desired results are achieved from the orthodontic treatment.

Tooth colored braces can be used without the distress of showing metal wires covering the teeth and can have straightened and aligned teeth. The tooth colored braces provides the dentist a greater control over the orthodontic treatment and provides superior results with the shortest time when compared to other types of braces and aligners. However, tooth-colored braces are more expensive than other treatment techniques.

At Ivory dental clinic, we provide services for ceramic braces with precision and assure to realign your teeth with the perfect curvy smile.

Advantages of tooth colored braces

  • Blend in with the teeth shade
  • Small and comfortable brackets
  • Less visible than traditional metal braces

Tooth colored brace procedure

At Ivory dental clinic, we initiate the procedure by thorough investigation of the oral health condition. After examination, the dentist discusses various treatment options available at our centre and suggests the best suitable orthodontic treatment considering the severity of the condition and the expected result from the treatment. The dentist takes x-rays and impressions to craft custom made tooth colored braces that precisely fit to the teeth for straightening treatment.

The dentist initiates the procedure and thoroughly cleans the oral cavity to fix the brackets and secure them to the teeth with the wire. They are then shaped to gradually push into line. Treatment lasts for about 18 months depending on the severity of the condition and requires adjustments of the brackets at regular intervals of time.

Aftercare after fixing tooth colored braces

After the tooth colored braces are fixed and secured, it is mandatory to regularly clean and floss the oral cavity and to maintain proper dental hygiene. Food particles have to be removed carefully from the braces and wires after each meal by proper flossing.  After the treatment period  when the expected results are achieved the braces are removed and a retainer is worn to keep the aligned teeth in position for few weeks.

At Ivory dental clinic we provide custom made tooth colored braces to straighten teeth. We have highly qualified and trained dentists on the latest procedures, techniques, and dental products and stay ahead of their peers by keeping informed on the latest trends, products and technology. This benefits our customers to choose the best and experience unsurpassed treatment services from our dental clinic. To know more about tooth colored braces treatment services and treatment costs, step into our centre or book an appointment now.

Authored By : Dr.Shambhu H Shivanna & Dr. Chiranjeevi Reddy G