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World class technology

Continuous advancements in dentistry offer modern solutions to various oral cavity issues with leading edge dental treatment in an efficient, effective and contented manner. Dental technologies have been evolving continually and Ivory dental clinic is continuously striving to include and input all transformation in our treatment procedures to ensure client satisfaction. We include the developing techniques to prevent, diagnose and treat numerous dental conditions effectively with more comfort and ease during treatment. This benefit can be enjoyed by those who step into our centre with more comfort and ease than in days past.

Some of the popular technologies included at Ivory dental clinic are:

Autoclave for Sterilization: Sterilization of dental equipments and tools are very important and mandatory. We use a B- class Autoclave for optimum sterilization that falls under health industry standards effective monitor the sterilization process. Autoclave sterilization is faster and effective with steam penetration throughout the entire instrument and ensure even the spores are removed from the tools before each use. After sterilization the instruments are stored in the UV chamber for effective maintenance.

Full mouth Digital OPG: Ivory dental clinic takes pride in having imported and installed a state of the art Digital OPG machine from reputed Sirona Systems, Germany to capture dental images through a sensor on the computer screen. This reduces the multiple exposures of patients to X rays and other traditional imaging techniques and provides faster results.

Advanced dental chair: We have 4 imported advanced dental chairs for comfy seating to relax the patient and to be in a comfortable state during the treatment.

Intraoral cameras: Intraoral cameras are used to alert the dental conditions affected by the patients and to encourage them to perform and maintain proper oral hygiene.

Intra-oral Digital Sensors: Intra oral digital sensors are used to capture images through sensors that are displayed on the computer screen. All these inputs are viewed right in front of the patient through connected digital network in the centre.

UV Sterilizer & Glass bead Sterilization: Glass bead sterilization is installed adjacent to the dental chair to for faster sterilization of tools and to minimize time wastage during treatment.

Ultrasonic Cleaner: Ultrasonic cleaners are used for cleaning of the tools and instruments before autoclave sterilization to produce effective results.

Nobel Biocare Physiodispenser: Physiodispenser is a dental tool used in minor surgeries like inserting dental implants. We collect physiodispenser from reputed W&H through Nobel Biocare to reduce the risk of complications,

Nobel Biocare Implant Kit: We use Nobel Biocare implant kit that facilitates the planning and placement of dental implants right in the first visit, if required. Nobel Biocare implant system is a worldwide trusted source with premium implants and the components are readily available worldwide. The main advantage of these implants is they are maintenance free with lifelong warranty.

Neo Biotech Implant Kit: For those who wish to have less costlier dental implants, we have the Neo Biotech implant kits that have the advantages of a premium implants and can be used for single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement or a full mouth rehabilitation.

Authored By : Dr.Shambhu H Shivanna & Dr. Chiranjeevi Reddy G