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In office tooth whitening

Teeth staining or discolorations are caused by several factors including aging, regular use of staining beverages like coffee, tea, tobacco and deposition of old flecked fillings in the teeth.

Dental bleaching is a treatment process used to lighten or remove the discolorations and staining formed on the tooth surface by the accumulation of staining substances over a long period of time.

At Ivory dental clinic, in office tooth whitening treatments are available and are performed as a single process or in combination with other cosmetic procedures.


Mild bleaching agents are used for removing the stain deposits and to retain the white color of the teeth.

Office Tooth Whitening Treatment In Bangalore, India

Ivory dental clinic offers two methods of teeth whitening or bleaching and this includes the In-office bleaching and at- home bleaching kits crafted from our laboratory. In office tooth whitening procedure we combine an effective whitening system with advanced technology and refined design that uses LED curing light for better teeth whitening results.

Zoon bleaching is the most effective teeth whitening process service for instant color change with the shortest span of time. The procedure uses high-concentration peroxide whitening gel. The dentist covers and secures the lips and gums and the whitening agent is applied to the teeth and left for about 15 to 20 minute at intervals that tote up to an hour depending on the severity of discoloration of the tooth. The procedure produces instant results when compared to take-home kits.

How Does Zoom bleaching procedure Work?

Zoom bleaching is simple and effective processes of teeth whitening. During the process, the bleaching agents break the stains deposits into smaller particles from the surface of the tooth thereby reducing the visibility of discoloration and make the teeth appear brighter and whither.

The procedure may produce slight and temporary sensitivity and discomfort after the bleaching process. The treatment produces best results for patients with yellow colored teeth. At Ivory dental clinic, the dentist discusses the various tooth whitening options available and the patient can chose the best suitable options available from our centre.

Precaution to be taken after Tooth Bleaching

There are certain safety measures to be taken after the tooth whitening process to maintain a long lasting result. To maintain the white color of the tooth for a longer period, the patients are advised to perform routine brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mild toothpastes and flossing agents. Avoiding acidic foods and limiting the intake of beverages including black tea, coffee, white and red wine, energy drinks, carbonated drinks, colored foods and sauces help to retain the white color of the teeth for a long period of time.

Ivory dental clinic is one of the leading and popular dental clinics and performs various treatments by a team of well-experienced and qualified dentists. We accentuate on excellence and quality in services by a team of well-experienced and qualified dental surgeons at affordable rates. To know more about In-office tooth whitening and the best suitable teeth whitening process and the treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By : Dr.Shambhu H Shivanna & Dr. Chiranjeevi Reddy G